At Schoop Custom Knives, we pride ourselves on making high-end custom folding knives. Expert knife maker and scientist Julius Schoop incorporates high-precision machining and finishing techniques, computer optimized design geometry, cryogenic heat treatment, and the highest quality materials to produce our signature knives. With a tactical yet refined aesthetic, our knives are well-suited to all cutting tasks, Every Day Carry, collectors, and as a customized expression of your personal style. 

Each of our models is created to achieve optimum design without compromising functional performance. When creating a knife, we ask ourselves the questions: What type of cutting will this knife perform? How can we ensure optimum rigidity of the blade/handle interface? How can we make the knife feel inherently 'solid'? With our current models, the SF-1 and SF-2, we offer a tailored construction to suit a unique blade shape, ultimately creating a one-of-a-kind tool that deserves to be held.

SF-1 Kratos

With its wharncliffe blade shape and aggressive styling, this knife is reminiscent of a straight-edge razor or a fighting karambit. The handle and blade shape work together to make the SF-1 excellent for controlled slicing, both in a conventional and reverse grip. When it comes to making accurate, clean cuts, there is no better blade shape.

This knife is especially suitable for Every Day Carry users who perform a lot of controlled cutting tasks, but who don't need a knife that excels at stabbing. In a reverse grip, the SF-1 makes for an excellent self-defense knife that operates similarly to a karambit.

SF-2 Hyperion

The SF-2 is a more utilitarian knife than its older brother. In 2015, it features a redesigned drop point blade shape that lets it excel at a broad range of cutting tasks while maintaining its clean, modern look. The strong point and long belly make it well suited to piercing, stabbing, slicing, and pushing cuts. The comfortable handle ensures cutting stays easy.